"Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."
C. S. Lewis

Come Let Us Adore Him

15 December 2011

Christmas is just around the corner - am I ready? No - but I'm trying to savor the Saviour
and the season. I've noticed that our modern culture is doing their best to erase the Christmas
of Believers. I've seen "Winter Solstice" more than I ever have before in publications and
advertising. Recently I read through the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens. I saw
Happy Holidays and Christmas cookies - but nothing about the holy celebration we hold dear. They did have one page devoted to Hanukkah cookies. Not a word about Christ, the nativity, or baby Jesus. The cashier at Home Depot, wished us "Merry Christmas" and then apologized for saying it (in case she got in trouble).

Well Merry Christmas (without apologies). Enjoy the season, the celebration. Christ, The Messiah came to us as a baby - His name is Jesus. That is what Christmas is and that is why
we celebrate it.

Come Let Us Adore Him

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