"Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."
C. S. Lewis

Change of Planes - Kansas City, Missouri

5 November 2011

On my way home from Houston, I had a connecting flight through Kansas City, MO. It isn't the most direct route home - but then again I would have missed so much . . like . . .

Robyn the sweet lady (and kindred spirit) I sat next to. I don't often converse with my seat mates - I usually am in the "zone" just trying to get home - but after a brief exchange on the purpose of this trip - we talked non stop.

When I landed - the mural in the airport told me that two of my favorite actors hailed from Kansas City - William Powell and Jean Harlow. Some other actors that made their home in Kansas City at one time - Joan Crawford, Billie Burke, Noah Beary and Wallace Beary - who knew?

When I had a bowl of chili in the airport cafe, a guy at the bar (thought he was in an episode of Cheers I guess) let everyone know (all five of us) he was ordering a "Pickle Back" and did we know what it was. I know you are dying to know too - it is a shot of Jameson Whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice - yum! He proceeded to tell all of us that you could go all night and not feel a thing with this concoction. He was so excited he bought a round of drinks for everyone at the bar - all three of them.

Only in a small town would the airline representative come to the cafe to notify you of a change of Gates in case you missed it on the public address system.

After getting on the plane as the flight attendant gave pre-flight instructions - she came to the part about the exit aisle seats and the responsibility of sitting there. Well you might have seen this coming already (I didn't) - the guy doing the Pickle Back shots at the bar is now sitting on the emergency exit aisle????? When the attendant asked them if they would accept the responsibility. Pickle Back's friend asked if he would have time to review the emergency instructions before he had to open the emergency door. Great!!!!

My new seat mate was anxiously looking out the window checking on his baggage being loaded. He was a part of several people on board conversing back and forth with each other. I asked him if he was part of a band and he told me that he was part of a documentary crew. I said, " oh that is like a band - but without the music". He didn't think that was very funny and just looked at me with a blank stare. I think I will have plenty of time on this flight.