"Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage."
C. S. Lewis

Roe v. Wade at 40

26 January 2013

Every Child A Wanted Child

Every child a wanted child. That is the mantra I heard growing up in the 60’s. It sounded so noble. Even though birth control pills were readily available it wasn’t enough so we legalized abortion in 1973.  And what has that done for us?  Aside from the fact that approximately 55 million babies have been aborted - is every child a wanted child? How many of these babies are girls? These babies will not be “empowered” women able to be lawyers, doctors, scientists, teachers, mothers and wives. The news every day seems to have stories of battered, dead children - mother’s and father’s killing their children. I contend that abortion (and 55 million dead babies) hasn’t produced “every child a wanted child” - instead it has dehumanized life at it’s most innocent and vulnerable state. And what of the women who are the victims of abortion.  Many women experience depression, regret, nightmares for years after their abortions - did we "empower" them with this "choice"?  How noble are we?