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C. S. Lewis

Why Italian Garlic?

28 November 2012

I had ordered some garlic from a wonderful company  Seeds From Italy. This is the second year I have planted the variety Rossa di Sulmona.  Rossa di Sulmona is a variety of garlic known for it's pungency. You can use half the amount called for in any recipe. There is no bitterness which is also a plus. I can attest to all the claims - this garlic is delicious. The flavor is richer and fuller than any other garlic I have used before.  Although I am getting a later than recommended start, I did plant my garlic last December and was able to harvest in May successfully.  I'm planting double the amount I planted last year so I don't have to fear running out of my stores.

I'm trying a new variety also, Bianco Francese - a soft neck variety which produces large white bulbs. I can't find out any other information on this variety - but I will keep you posted.

We are expecting our first rains for the next several days and I wanted to get this garlic in the ground. I enlisted the help of my wonderful hubby. We worked really hard to finish up preparing the beds.

We finished up by covering the beds with 3 to 4 inches of straw as recommended. In addition I had to cover the beds with wire to keep the chickens away.  

When we were finishing up our work hubby asked what type of garlic we were planting and I told him "Italian Garlic". What's wrong with "American Garlic",  he wanted to know.  I explained to him that when I'm using our "Italian Garlic" it takes me back to "La Bella Italia".  

I have so many memories of our trip to Italy this past May.  Most of those memories involve food. So many delicious, simple meals - created around delicious ingredients.  Olive oil, pasta, garlic, tomatoes, basil and parmesan - nothing we have can match the flavors I found there. 

La Bella Italia